Zero to Hero, our Virtual Influencer is One of the Fastest-Growing in the Space, Gaining 100k Followers in a Month

May 9, 2022

The success of Zero, his community, and what it means for the future of virtual influence.

Four months ago, Offbeat Media Group set off to take our years of knowledge in the virtual influencer space and social media community building space to create our own character: Zero. Zero, is a virtual cyborg who is trapped in his bunker, he was born into the Nexus Universe in February of 2022 and since then, he has dedicated his time to looking for a way out.

During this process, he discovered one of his passions; connecting with the human world through social media. 

Since then, his Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok accounts have amassed over 180k loyal followers who eagerly look forward to his content every week. Many express how they love his videos on his different channels. Zero also has a Discord channel that is active with die-hard fans creating their own memes and fanart of him. 

Even random users have begun to recognize his signature red hair and cyborg arm. Many are thrilled to jump on the chance to talk to a cyborg in real-time. 

Zero's Last Four Months 

Although he has not been in his bunker for long, Zero's life has been far from uneventful. In February, Samsung enlisted Zero to host their first ever Metaverse live shopping event. During the event, Zero hosted a conversation with TikTok creator Liam Kalevi, where they unveiled the brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 phone

Zero is also able to connect with his community by live streaming on Twitch using the power of Offbeat’s in-house technology. His fans love to watch him play games or answer their questions so much that in the last few weeks we have seen an increase of 2k followers and Zero now proudly streams to more than 5k subscribers! During his streams, he hosts various events such as Warzone Wednesdays, Fortnite Fridays, and Minecraft Mondays. Find his Twitch here.

A New Friend in the Bunker

Zero is now joined by his new friend, Droney. Droney appeared in Zero's bunker last Friday. He introduced himself as a drone sent by Blackbox Corporation to act as a companion for Zero. Droney is programmed to provide friendship and encouragement to Zero, although with a hint of sarcasm, as proven through some of his comments surrounding Zero's gaming prowess.

Virtual Influencers as Advertisers 

Virtual influencers are a fast-growing phenomenon with over 58% of social media users claiming they follow a virtual creator online. Virtual influencers also have over 3x the engagement rate of a human influencer thanks to their unique, eye-catching content. 

According to Virtual Humans, "Virtual influencers are the same as regular influencers. They have a certain level of importance and influence over a dedicated audience while maintaining relatable, authentic personalities". 

The advantage of brands advertising with virtual influencers is that they authentic creators that add elements of innovation to any campaign. They are a great way for brands to enter the space safely as they are less likely to get themselves into situations that may be unfavorable for the company. Virtual influencers have also proven to be a success with younger generations as they have 2x the number of Gen Z followers than your typical influencer. The best part is, that these characters don’t even need to be a human for success. Virtual influencers can be anything, do anything and go anywhere. 

While Zero has accomplished so much in such a short amount of time, we are excited to see his continued growth and support from his followers and other virtual humans

If you would like to check some of Zero's social media pages out, his handle is @ZeroFromNexus on all platforms, and he streams live on Twitch at 1 pm EST every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Find his Twitch here.

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