is the Launchpad For Success in the Virtual Influencer Industry

September 8, 2022

Learn the origins of the digital publication, the mission, and what we are building for brands to activate in the future

In The Beginning

The origins of the virtual influencer industry as we know it today can be traced back to Asia, where digital doubles and superstars like Hatsune Miku have reigned for decades. 

As these characters began popping up here in America, there was not, initially, a welcome reaction. There were also many who were interested and curious about virtuals, paving the way for the virtual influencer industry to become more mainstream in the years to come.

It was both the excitement for the space and the opportunity it held that inspired Christopher Travers to build

The site's mission is to document, empower and cultivate the virtual influencer industry through cutting-edge research, first-person interviews, and the top news headlines. This platform has cultivated a safe place for virtuals to collaborate and grow while also answering the public’s questions about the virtuals themselves.

Virtual Humans is the launchpad to success for virtual beings and brands looking to partner with virtuals.

It is designed to be a source of truth and inspiration for all who enter the site.

We, here at Offbeat, have also taken the years of experience researching and writing about the industry as well as the conversations with other teams building in the space to create our own virtual stars. This intimate knowledge of the industry's successes and failures led us to create the proprietary in-house tech that powers our virtual influencers. 

It is this technology, in addition to the years of knowledge we have building successful social media brands, has allowed us to create virtual talent and rocket them to success. For example, our first virtual influencer, Zero, now has over 350,000 followers who love watching his journey on social media. We have new virtual stars coming out soon that will be powered by the same technology and knowledge. 

Learning Opportunity For Brand Marketers Looking to Understand the Future of Influence

We are offering brands the unique opportunity to hear from the site’s founder, Christopher Travers, an industry leader, Krister Karjalainen, previously Nokia, Samsung, and P&G, as well as Zero himself at a first-of-its-kind webinar experience.

Christopher and Krister will guide you through an overview of the virtual influencer industry as it stands today, give you a glimpse into how other brands have successfully activated in the space, and discuss the future of the industry as it intersects with other important elements such as live shopping.

Then, the two will introduce Zero: a real-time, fully 3D virtual human with whom you can interact and ask questions directly!

The webinar will take place on September 22nd, 2022 at 2 pm EST. Find the registration link here.

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