Virtual Influencer Zero Speaks on the Main Stages at Cannes Innovation Festival and VidCon - All in One Week

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June 20, 2022

Why are some of the world’s most prestigious media events all inviting this Zero to speak? More importantly, what does he have to say?

Altanta, GA. — This week, the virtual influencer and VTuber Zero will be speaking on the main stages of the Cannes Innovation Festival in France, and VidCon, all in one week.

While humans may struggle with such a tight travel schedule, Zero is a fully virtual being who is able to appear live across the world instantly.

He has already appeared on main stages at South by Southwest 2022 alongside Mark Cuban, Salt Lake Animation Expo with Offbeat's CCO Christopher Travers, and at OMR in Hamburg, Germany with partners from Samsung and Bambuser.

Zero's previous speaking appearances have been featured in publications such as AdWeek, AdAge, The Drum, Bloomberg, and more. 

Now, Zero is speaking about the future of influencer marketing, NFTs, and social-first storytelling at some of the world’s most prestigious media events. 

These appearances are made possible by Offbeat Media Group's innovative real-time virtual streaming technology. It is the combination of proprietary technology advancements and years of unique knowledge that allows Zero to interact live with audiences all over the world. 

What is Zero speaking about on some of the world's biggest media stages? Let's find out.

6/22 Cannes, France  — Zero will pay a visit to Cannes, France along with friends from the global insights group WGSN. He will be holding a conversation with Joe McDonnell, the Head of Insights at WGSN to discuss the future of influencer marketing with virtual influencers as a centerpiece. They will discuss brand safety in the metaverse, the role of storytelling with successful virtual influencers, and where the opportunities lie for the future of influencer marketing in the metaverse.

6/23-24 VidCon, Anaheim CA — Then, Zero will jump over to the West Coast of the US to attend VidCon. Here, Zero will be meeting people live in the Innovation Showcase wing on both Thursday, June 25th, and Friday, June 24th, as well as speaking on the main stage on Friday. Onstage Zero will be chatting with Offbeat Media Group’s CEO, Shep Ogden, about the power of Offbeat’s real-time high-fidelity virtual human technology which allows for Zero to interact with his fans weekly, and appear live during all these events across the globe. 

About Zero: Zero is a virtual influencer who identifies as a cyborg. In just a few months, he has grown to over 200,000 followers across his Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch profiles. Created and managed by Offbeat Media Group, Zero is one of the only 3D VTubers able to livestream in real-time thanks to Offbeat’s innovative rendering technology. He is the first of several upcoming characters from the Nexus Universe, a fan-controlled character universe filled with more innovative characters like Zero. 

About Offbeat: Offbeat Media Group is a Mark-Cuban backed media company that is the innovation partner for the world’s top brands like McDonald’s, Doordash, Samsung, Sony Music, Republic Records, Netflix, and more.

Offbeat leverages its global Gen Z audience of 1B+ social followers to create custom social-first and metaverse-focused campaigns that cut through the clutter on social. In addition to helping brands reach Gen Z, Offbeat has been propelling the virtual influencer industry through the creation of partnering brands with virtual influencers, and creating our own roster of virtual human IP, such as Zero.

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