Virtual Influencer Zero More Than Doubles TikTok Following in Just Two Weeks

April 4, 2022

Zero from Nexus seems to be a hit on TikTok with one of his early videos amassing nearly 3M views in just one week!

Zero, the virtual cyborg who is trapped in his bunker in the Metaverse, has been exploring different social media platforms to keep himself entertained while he looks for a way out. He was first seen on Twitter, the day he was born he posted the clip to his account @ZeroFromNexus

Since that first video on Twitter two months ago, Zero has learned how to use Discord, Instagram, TikTok, and, most recently, Twitch. He has explained that he loves exploring different social media platforms to learn more about our world, and it seems audiences on social media love him back. 

Zero on TikTok

Zero was first introduced to the TikTok platform by a TikTok influencer during the Samsung Galaxy S22 Livestream Launch event on February 9th. Once Zero's audience was introduced to the possibility of Zero on TikTok, they went crazy for the idea. So, after some time exploring the platform, Zero launched his first video on TikTok on February 22nd.

He began by posting short videos on TikTok that showed off his bunker and answered community questions left in the comments. He has started posting daily in the last two weeks with random chatroom content, advice to fans, and Twitch gaming clips. 

The video that supercharged Zero’s TikTok presence was posted on March 23rd. The video is a chatroom moment between Zero and a young man who cannot grasp who or what exactly he is talking to.

Zero was sitting around 10,000 TikTok followers two weeks ago, now, that number is closer to 40,000 followers on the platform. He maintains a high engagement rate, even as his page is beginning to grow. It is exciting to see the community Zero has created on his earliest social media pages translate to additional platforms. Zero loves social media so this is only the beginning of his content online.

Offbeat's Director of Content and Production, Alex Punch, weighs in on why he believes Zero is finding traction on TikTok saying, "I think that Zero has seen such incredible growth on TikTok because of his ability to speak and relate to people in real time! Seeing Zero actually speak to people and blow their minds while still being fun and relatable sets him apart from every other creator on the app!"

Community Engagement With Zero

The comments that Zero gets on his TikToks show his audience is highly engaged with the content he is creating and that they enjoy the stories and jokes he tells. Many commenters also bring up inside jokes from his other social platforms to TikTok, showing his fanbase is happy to cross platforms to engage with Zero's content. This is always a hallmark of proper community building for an influencer of any stage.

Offbeat’s Infrastructure For Success:  

The team behind both Zero and the Nexus Universe are well-versed in social content creation and virality online. Offbeat Media Group has been creating moments on social media for their owned properties as well as for their clients for many years. 

Combining the years of experience creating innovative content for social media, and the unique insights that Offbeat has into the virtual influencer industry as the creators of, we are able to help Zero optimize his content on each platform he is creating on. 

If you would like to check some of Zero’s social media pages out, his handle is @ZeroFromNexus on all platforms and he streams live on Twitch at 1pm EST on every Wednesday and Friday. Find his Twitch here.

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