The Power of Offbeat's Real-Time Virtual Influencer Technology To Grow An Audience on Twitch

Case Study
May 20, 2022

Let's dive deep into Zero's live streaming capabilities, growth, and the community he has built as a result.

Offbeat’s virtual influencer, Zero, engages with his fans via all major social platforms, but he has said his favorite way to interact with his fans is by livestreaming on Twitch. He does so three times a week currently.

We have found that engaging directly with his fans and showing them his authentic personality is incredibly important to both him and his community. It pays off, Zero's fans love to watch him playing video games on stream, answering their questions, showing emotions on his face, and reacting to funny content live. As a result, his page is growing at a rapid clip. In the last few weeks alone we have seen an increase of over 2k followers on his Twitch page and Zero now proudly streams to more than 6.8k followers.

Technical Capabilities That Set Zero Apart

Zero is a real-time, high-quality, 3D virtual creator that can walk around his 3D environment. These may not sound as revolutionary as they are, but these innovations to the livestreaming virtual tech makes Zero more versatile than virtual creators who came before him. 

We believe that fully interactive live streaming will integrate more fully into people's lives. Most people already stream much of their content and look for new ways to interact with their favorite creators across different apps. Zero is at the forefront of this shift to more interactive content, just as a high-quality virtual influencer. As shopping, learning, and media consumption goes live, Zero will be there to guide it.

Community Building In-World for Fans

Zero isn’t the only character that fans can interact with during his streams, our team has now also created Droney. A small, circular drone that was delivered to Zero's bunker a few weeks ago from the ‘Blackbox Corporation.’ Droney says his mission is to provide Zero with friendship and encouragement. 

With the addition of Droney to streams, Zero’s subscribers are able to interact with them, but also watch them interact with each other.

Droney reads out funny messages from the chat and sometimes pokes fun at Zero’s gaming skills during an important moment of gameplay. The friendship between the two characters adds another dimension to the fan’s experience of the streams and an additional element of interactivity. We want the community to be as immersed in these storylines as possible, so producing live content and getting comments, questions, and inside jokes from the streams directly is a great way to do just that.

Understanding the Background of Live Virtual Creators Before Zero

The concept of virtual streamers is nothing new. They are typically called VTubers. Vtubers are defined as virtual beings who stream their lives on popular video platforms. VTubers are humans using consumer-ready motion capture technologies and character creation softwares, commonly in the anime aesthetic and streamed on Twitch or YouTube.  

VTubers are not a new phenomenon. Early origins trace back to Japan in the early 2010’s, and it was estimated that in 2020 there were more than 10,000 unique VTubers across the world. Worldwide growing interest in anime content, non-human character storytelling, and the push of metaverse excitement have been factors in widespread acceptance of avatar-centric experiences. 

You might have already seen Vtubers on major platforms like Youtube and Twitch. These are the two most popular platforms for VTubers in the western hemisphere. 

In fact, Ironmouse, a Vtuber, is the most-subscribed female streamer on the platform, human or virtual. She has worked with major brands and has topped charts on the platform such as most concurrent viewers, and most in-stream donations. 

Zero Is The Next Generation

Zero is a 3D VTuber on Twitch and virtual influencer across other social media platforms, which is defined as: "a digital character created in computer graphics software, then given a personality defined by a first-person view of the world, and made accessible on media platforms for the sake of influence." Zero creates live content and tells his story from a first-person view of the world on social media with the intention of influence.

His success in both live streaming and across social media is a great case study of the potential growth there is in the space for virtual creators. It was not, however, created overnight, Zero's success was built on the back of years of experience and important technical innovations. We are excited to see Zero continue to grow alongside his community.

If you are interested in sponsoring Zero, or want more information on Zero's audience send us a message below!

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