Sony Music Wanted to Drive Awareness to Noizu: So Offbeat Delivered Over 250k Streams

Case Study
February 22, 2022

Through an Instagram amplification campaign strategy, Offbeat successfully drove over 250k Spotify streams for Sony Music artist, Noizu's recent song, “Catch My Love”.

Noizu, a house music DJ, and artist signed to Sony Music, released his single, “Catch My Love” with production group Disciples and singer MOYA in October, 2021. Offbeat was soon after approached by Sony for help to increase general awareness of the DJ and to drive streams for the new song.

Using a timely and highly engaging Instagram amplification strategy consisting of meme content and 10 partnered accounts, the Offbeat team was able to successfully drive over 250,000 streams to "Catch My Love" during the three week campaign. 

How Did Offbeat Do It?

By using the Offbeat team's extensive knowledge of memes, content creation, and Instagram marketing, Offbeat created a series of humorous, relatable, and eye-catching videos with “Catch My Love” playing in the background.

To drive viewers to both stream the song and to increase Noizu’s Instagram following, the song title, as well as Noizu’s Instagram profile, was clearly identified and tagged in the caption of each video posted to the partner accounts. The accounts were hand selected based on their following demographics and the target audience for Noizu's music. The content the Offbeat team created was also optimized to engage the followers of these accounts.

The Results?

In a span of just three weeks, the branded posts reached over 50 million accounts, delivered over 6 million impressions, and "Catch My Love" received 250,000 new streams. These results far surpassed Sony Music's goals for the Noizu track.

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