Offbeat Launches Virtual Clubhouse with POAP NFT for Employees

December 14, 2021

Virtual Reality Clubhouse launch party taken a step further with a virtual collectible token for employees

Offbeat Media Group has officially launched their fully virtual Virtual Clubhouse and celebrated with a virtual launch party for their employees. Since Offbeat hires remote-first, employees from across the country strapped on their VR headsets to enjoy a night of fun that ended with everyone minting their first official Offbeat POAP NFT. 

As the leader of a fully remote company with employees living across the country, Offbeat CEO Shep Ogden wanted to create a virtual space for everyone to connect, regardless of their physical location. 

“We’ve all felt Zoom fatigue at some point over the last two years, so we’re trying to invest in new ways to hang out together and create a collaborative environment for our employees as they live all around the country,” said Ogden. 

Each employee received their own Oculus Quest 2 headset, which enabled them to enter VRChat and explore the Offbeat Virtual Clubhouse on Friday, December 10th, 2021. Employees laughed, played games, and even danced together in the Clubhouse— all without having to leave their living rooms. 

At the end of the night, each employee in attendance was gifted their first Offbeat POAP NFT as a party favor. A POAP (or Proof of Attendance Protocol) is a digital collectible created as an NFT, powered by the blockchain, given out to those who attended an event either virtually or physically. For many Offbeat employees, receiving this Virtual Clubhouse launch party POAP was their first experience minting an NFT. 

“We wanted our team to remember this awesome shared moment, not only in their minds but in the form of a digital souvenir. The Proof of Attendance Protocol met our needs perfectly, in that we could easily certify attendance while equipping our team with true ownership of the moment, certified on the blockchain through a beautiful, non-fungible token” said Offbeat co-founder Christopher Travers. 

Offbeat is devoted to creating unforgettable experiences for not just their clients but also employees, and the Virtual Clubhouse is one of many examples of that commitment. The launch party was the first of many virtual events that will take place in Offbeat’s Virtual Clubhouse in the near future. 

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