Offbeat Helps the Realm App Launch on TikTok, Generating Awareness and Smashing Download Goals

Case Study
November 2, 2022

Understand Offbeat's unique process to test creative concepts, find, brief, and partner with key creators, and then amplify against winning audiences on TikTok

The Realm App is a community-driven open-source project to create personalized metaverses. In the app, users can jump through and create infinite realms, collaborating with global creators and creating value for one another along the way. The Realm team approached Offbeat ahead of their official launch looking to drive awareness to their app on the App Store and Google Play Store, and excite potential users to download and use the app.

The Campaign Situation: How Can Offbeat Drive App Installs Via TikTok

The Realm App was looking to increase awareness of their app’s official launch through a TikTok campaign. The team was looking for awareness of the app's launch and to excite interested audience members to download and play along.

The goal was to both educate and excite Realm's target audience, resulting in the action of downloading the app. Offbeat was then asked to achieve 10,000 downloads directly from the TikTok campaign in the three-week launch period. 

Realm App Launch Campaign on TikTok: The Nitty Gritty

The awareness and app install campaign for Realm App was activated on TikTok over three weeks.

During this time, Offbeat was able to test four unique creative messages with four TikTok creators. The four audience segments Offbeat tested were: Gamers, Digital Artists, Web3 Enthusiasts, and World Builders. We sourced the creators we thought would be the right fit, briefed them on the creative plan, and then manged their posting and media pushes, optimizing to the most engaged-with narratives. 

With this testing strategy, we also trusted creators to create content that they believed would reach their audiences best. ​​These creative storylines allowed Realm to seamlessly integrate into the creator's audience feeds to drive excitement, curiosity, and, ultimately, downloads.

TikTok proved an efficient channel for download volume with a CPI 60% lower than the industry average. Conversions well surpassed the original goal of 10,000 installs.

The Results Speak For Themselves:

For our client, Realm, we achieved nearly 18,000 app downloads in the three week period, smashing the 10,000 app download goal. Offbeat was also able to achieve a $1.18 CPI when the industry benchmark sits around $3-5 for a campaign like this.

We were able to deliver a conversion rate of 42% for our clients. Which was impressive when you note the benchmark for this campaign was a 20% conversion rate.

But, beyond achieving the client's campaign goals, we were also able to create positive sentiment across key audience demographics for Realm. The videos each had dozens of positive, interested, and action-oriented comments signalling the creative hit its mark.

Here is how Erin Thobias, Offbeat's Paid Media Director described the success of our campaign, "I would say the primary success came from the thoughtful way we went into the market and test in learn strategy. Before the campaign launched we took a deep dive into the audience on TikTok and identified key communities that would benefit from the Realm app. Then we identified influencers within the communities that could build narratives that were authentic to the conversations already happening. From there, we launched with a media strategy that strategically targeted and learned what communities were most engaged with the app."

She continued, "We quickly pulled out the creatives that were not providing results and doubled down on the ones that were. The learnings from audience testing will be applied to future promotion and product development."

Working With Offbeat

Francesca Vitagliano the CMO at Realm.Art App described her time working with Offbeat as, "Top talent! The team at Offbeat over-delivered on our campaign objectives. They helped us reach the right audience offering data-driven strategies, insights, and innovative marketing tactics. It was a pleasure to work with them! We look forward to the next project with the Offbeat team." 

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