Offbeat Helps Rapper Young Thug Gain Over 1 Million Spotify Streams in Just Two Weeks

Case Study
January 19, 2022

Through an Instagram amplification campaign strategy, Offbeat successfully drove Spotify streams for 300 Entertainment’s rapper Young Thug and his recent song, “Love You More.”

Award-winning rapper Young Thug released his second studio album, Punk, in October 2021. His record label, 300 Entertainment came to Offbeat in December of 2021 to increase streams for his song, “Love You More” featuring Nate Ruess, Gunna, and Jeff Bhasker. 

Pulling on Offbeat’s years of experience creating engaging social content, we crafted a trendy and highly engaging Instagram amplification strategy. During the two-week long campaign the song gained over 1 million new streams on Spotify, and Young Thug gained 43,000+ new followers on his Instagram page. 

How Did Offbeat Do It?

The Offbeat team are experts at incorporating memes, pop culture, and social media marketing to create the perfect campaign that accomplishes our clients’ goals. For this particular campaign, Offbeat trend-hijacked the big news of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s recent engagement. Since the Young Thug song Offbeat was promoting centered on the theme of love, the team created a montage displaying the romance between the two mega-stars with “Love You More” playing in the background.   

The video Offbeat created was then posted on multiple high-authority Instagram meme pages that each had large followings in the client’s target demographics for the promotion of the song. A key way Offbeat drove growth for the song and the artist was in the post content itself, we included the title of the song, and a direct tag to Young Thug’s Instagram account, in the caption. By making the two calls to action crystal clear in the content, we were able to associate the trending topic with the song we were promoting. 

The Results?

With a total of 13 Instagram posts across the two-week time period, the campaign reached over 5 million total impressions, and over a million new streams for the song. As with lots of successful trend-jacking campaigns, these numbers are still growing organically as users share the content around their networks.

In all, Offbeat certainly accomplished our goal of increasing awareness and driving streams to the song. Young Thug’s album, Punk, even earned a spot on Billboard’s 2021 US Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums.

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