Offbeat Employees Fly Into Atlanta To Celebrate The First Quarter of 2022 Together

April 5, 2022

After a long 6 months apart, the Offbeat employees are back in person to close out the best quarter for the company to date!

In the final week of Q1 2022, Offbeat Hosted its quarterly Summit in Atlanta to celebrate the wins of the past quarter and set goals together for the next. This is an important time for Offbeat’s employees, who are able to meet, collaborate, bond, and brainstorm in person. 

As a fully remote company with employees living across the country, this is a valuable time to cultivate Offbeat’s culture. Offbeat CEO and Co-Founder, Shep Ogden, comments, “With us living in a remote world and working as a remote team, it’s incredibly important we set aside the time to get together in person at least once a quarter. The deepening of relationships, alignment of company vision, and progress that is made at each team summit always keep me looking forward even more to the next one”. 

Some Things, Zoom Just Can’t Replicate! 

One of the benefits employees often comment on about the quarterly Summit is the opportunity to learn from their team members and gain a greater understanding of what others in the company do. This collaboration allows employees further appreciation into the hard work and dedication that goes into building all aspects of the company. This is also an impactful time for teams and individuals to conceptualize their goals and aspirations for the upcoming quarter.

Li Yao, Offbeat Head of People expressed, “Our quarterly summits are such a morale booster for our team. Not only do we get the opportunity to discuss our vision for 2022 and beyond, but we also get to celebrate all of our achievements together. In a world where work is increasingly moving to a remote economy, our quarterly summits become an important aspect of our culture”. 

Giving Back As A Core Component of Community

As Offbeat continues to grow at the rapid clip we are, we are often looking for ways to give back to local and global charity groups that align with our values. 

To kick that initiative off at this first summit, employees were able to donate money to the UNICEF Fund benefitting the children stuck in the humanitarian crisis as a result of the Russian invasion into Ukraine, and as an extra incentive, for donating a certain amount of money, they got to pie their favorite co-founder in the face! For every dollar employees donated that day, Offbeat matched the amount. 

This was a sweet moment for all parties involved. Both as a fun way to end the work-day of the summit, but also to raise money that will help a group of people close to our hearts. This was just the first philanthropic moment for Offbeat, and it turned out to be quite the success!, Many cans of whipped cream and three totally ruined t-shirts later, the Offbeat team raised over $1,000 together.    

Celebrating Wins as a Team: 

The quarterly summit celebrating Q1 2022 was particularly exciting because last quarter’s summit, unfortunately, had to be canceled due to the Omicron surge of Covid. This fact made the Q1 celebration that much sweeter for all involved. In typical Offbeat fashion, after all the hard work, brainstorms, talks, and team bonding sessions were done Offbeat hosted a happy hour at The Painted Duck in Atlanta. It was an evening of good food, conversations with the team, and healthy competition when it came to the pin bowling game! 

One of the reasons Offbeat has been able to achieve all we have been able to is because of the fantastic team members we have been able to bring on board.

We are currently looking to fill open roles on all of our teams. So if you or someone you know is ready to be a part of the next generation of media, connection, and creation, check out our job board on the Careers tab of our website. 

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