Offbeat Delivers 10x ROI for Mobile App Amplification Campaign

Case Study
August 24, 2021

Pulling from many years of mobile app download social media campaigns, Offbeat delivers a massive return to an up-and-coming avatar platform.

An up-and-coming social media avatar app came to Offbeat after seeing our previous app amplification campaigns across social media. Their ask was simple: increase brand awareness and app downloads. Lucky for them, Offbeat overdelivered and they received a massive return on their investment with us.

Here’s What We Did:

We designed a TikTok campaign where we partnered with carefully chosen gaming, lifestyle and dance creators to showcase the app across multiple niches that still had a broad reach. From there, we took the best performing content and repurposed it for an Instagram swipe-up campaign in order to drive massive app downloads.

Finally, we went a step further and created a custom branded augmented reality Snapchat lens that kept users interacting with the content even more. This was great for brand awareness and piquing users’ curiosity. 

The Success:

We saw the highest success across our TikTok activation, and tapped into those broad-community audiences to reach 10 million accounts. Our Instagram swipe-up campaign also so great success with a reach of nearly 8 million. Across the course of the entire campaign, the app saw over 12,600 app downloads and more than 10x return on their investment. 

We specially curate content with partners we know will make an impact to get your brand seen by an audience that will actually care and take action. Ready to see numbers like this? Reach out to us and we can get started. 

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