Offbeat Creates Augmented Reality Lens on Instagram, Amassing 70M+ Impressions

January 25, 2022

By creating an experience that is highly interactive, our lens, “The Main Character”, has been used by nearly a million people!

Offbeat’s Creative Manager Emily Berk created the AR lens called “The Main Character” that millions of users are loving across Instagram! The lens, posted from our  Instagram meme page @Humor, predicts the percentage of “The Main Character” you are.

This lens taps into a phrase that has been gaining popularity for the past few months, while also capitalizing on people’s current usage of filters to create video content. Much of the lenses’ growth can be attributed to users creating Reels with the effect and reacting to the percentage they receive.  

We sat down with Emily to find out what the inspiration was behind the lens and how she thinks about creating content for social media that engages the digital generation.

Q: What Does Being the “Main Character” Mean?

Emily: “While scrolling through TikTok, I picked up on the Gen Z term called “the main character.” If you are the “main character” it means that you are the protagonist of your own life story, not a side character. “Main character energy” is associated with this term, meaning you give off the vibe of being in charge, important, relevant, etc. For the aesthetic, I played on the pink/gold stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, tying in the context of the term the “main character,” as it originated in the context of film.” 

Q: What Inspired You to Create the Lens? 

Emily: “I wanted to incorporate the term “main character” but in a gamified way that encourages users to record themselves, and their reaction, while using it. Spoiler alert: the rating system on there is completely randomized so you could be 85% the main character in one use, then the next time you use it you could be 10% the main character, etc. But this is also how life works, sometimes you truly are the main character but other times you fall into more of a side plot.” 

Why Do You Believe This Lens Gained Such Popularity? 

Emily: “I originally published this lens in mid-2021 when people were using Instagram lenses largely on their stories or sharing them through private DMs. But not too long after that, I started noticing Reels creators using lenses as an easy way to produce content. So I’m not sure who used my lens first in a Reels video but somehow the algorithm did it’s magic and suddenly thousands of people were including it in their videos!” 

Will You Be Creating More Lenses in the Future?

Emily: “Yes, I will 1000% create more lenses in the future! They’re so fun to come up with and it is so rewarding seeing the creative ways people share them across social media. One of my favorite aspects of these lenses is that they introduce creators to the concept of augmented reality, and in the direction we’re headed (hint hint the Metaverse), lenses can be a stepping stone into a foreign world.”  

At Offbeat, we create innovative and captivating content that appeals to the digital generation. Ready to take your content to the next level? Drop us a line below.  

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