Offbeat Takes TikTok To #1 App Worldwide with Multi-Platform, Multi-Year Campaign

Case Study
September 2, 2021

One of TikTok's earliest US-based partners, Offbeat helped the social media app skyrocket to #1 Most Downloaded App in the App Store.

Offbeat began our ongoing work with TikTok in October of 2018 with an awareness campaigns on Instagram. We were one of the first trusted partners of TikTok in the US. Then, over the following two years, we helped TikTok acquire many thousands of new users, re-engage their current users, and hold their spot as #1 downloaded in the App Store during our continued relationship.

How Did We Do it?

We were able to expand upon this, by activating these same awareness and download driving campaigns in 10 countries across the world. Throughout the partnership Offbeat delivered more than 4 Billion views on the branded content we created. These views were accomplished across 70,000+ sponsored posts by more than 1,000 partners in each of the countries we have activated. 

The Results?

This was a first of many mobile app awareness and download campaigns we have run across the world. We are experts in these unique and highly effective campaigns. If your mobile app is ready to be seen by millions, contact us now.

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