New Report: Understanding Today's Top Virtual Creators Across Social Media

November 21, 2022

In Partnership with NeoReach, We Have Created a Guide For the End of 2022 to Understand the Virtual Creator Industry and the Growing Avatar Economy

In partnership with NeoReach, a leading influencer marketing software company, we have created a comprehensive report focusing on top virtual creators and the avatar influence space at large.

We sought to gather data on the most followed avatar creators in the space, what the audiences of the top virtual creators look like, and which brands are currently making waves with those audiences. 

You can find the full 2022 Virtual Creators Report here.

Research Methodology From NeoReach

The data presented in this report was collected in partnership between NeoReach and Offbeat Media Group. NeoReach utilized our platform to pull a list of the current most popular virtual creators on Instagram and TikTok.

Once NeoReach had the list of virtual creators, they manually pulled each creator’s follower counts. Narrowing the list down to the 5 most-followed and 5 least-followed creators on both platforms, they then utilized Tensor Social to pull detailed reports on each virtual creator. 

The 2022 Virtual Creators Report presents a deep dive into virtual creators and how they have grown in recent years. Ultimately, the analysis provided of the top virtual creators is intended to provide insight into the role virtual creators play in the wider Creator Economy, and as they begin to usher in the age of the Avatar Economy.

Defining Virtual Influencers

“A virtual influencer is a computer-generated character given an unwavering first-person personality and shared consistently on social media.” - Definition from 

Offbeat co-founder and the creator of, Christopher Travers weighs in, “Virtual creators come in many styles ranging from cartoony and 2D, all the way up to hyper-realistic and human-like. Most virtual influencers are the creations of individuals, while others are entire productions built by creative teams. The potential of virtual characters, more simply called ‘avatars,’ as influencers is massive.” 

Travers continues, “This is especially fascinating considering the economics and influence of massively multiplayer online role-playing games, which ultimately inspired the birth of the avatar economy both from a technical and social standpoint. The avatar economy is, in short, all creation, consumption, and commerce associated with avatars. Virtual influencers are just one piece to the macro avatar economy movement which will define virtual worlds and the future of social media at large.”

Find the full report at this link

The Purpose of This Report

Creators, both virtual and real, are at the heart of the attention economy of today. Through this report, we intend to highlight the increasing role that virtual creators play in this industry. 

In recent years, we have seen virtual influencers skyrocket in popularity, many of them amassing millions of followers, becoming verified on multiple social media platforms, and partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

In the coming years, we expect the number of virtual influencers to continue growing, especially as the connection between the Avatar Economy and the Metaverse expands into the mainstream.

If you're ready to learn how avatar creators can supercharge your brand's presence on social, send us a message below.

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