New: Announcing the Launch of Lilith from Nexus!

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October 18, 2022

Offbeat's second virtual influencer in the Nexus Universe has officially debuted, what will come next?

Launched on October 11th, 2022, “Lilith” is officially the second character in The Nexus Universe. Created by Offbeat Media Group, Lilith is a fully virtual, part-demon girl who has a passion for gaming, anime, music, and Hatsune Miku. She will be creating content from her pink bedroom in The Nexus Universe. What is next for the universe? Only time will tell.

Lilith was first spotted online in a teaser image on her Twitter page, @LilithfromNexus. She then engaged her growing community on Twitter with some additional teaser images, and the opportunity to unlock her first outfit with a retweet competition, which her fans quickly completed and unlocked.  

What is Next for Lilith? 

From her secluded bedroom somewhere deep in the vast Nexus Universe, Lilith will be creating content, publishing short form videos online, livestreaming consistently on YouTube. She hopes to more deeply connect with the human world across the social platforms she discovers. Lilith’s biggest dream is to perform live on stage with her musical idol, Hatsune Miku! She hopes her community of friends and fans will one day help her reach this goal. 

Follow along to watch her discover more about both the human world and her own, all unfolding live on an internet connection near you. Perhaps soon she will find that she is not so alone in The Nexus Universe!

Photo of Lilith

What is Nexus? 

Nexus is an entirely virtual universe, a world being built in tandem and with its community members in mind, shaped by the decisions and desires of those who work to make it a reality. Members of The Nexus Universe have a unique vantage point into the lives of the characters within, and, as the universe expands, fans can expect increased access and influence over what unfolds within.

Building For the Future

“I am confident that what we are building is the foundation of the future of social media,”  says Christopher Travers, Offbeat Media Group’s Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “The idea that people regularly socialize through video game characters has been well established thanks to massively multiplayer online games in third person mode, like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. Simultaneously, the rise of streaming on platforms like Twitch and YouTube over the last decade has normalized this idea that people enjoy connecting with influencer personalities. 

“Soon, these movements will conjoin and result in the mass-acceptance of video game avatars who live stream in first-person mode, with some becoming celebrity influencers as a result. That’s what excites me the most about Zero and Lilith,” says Travers.” 

Lilith sitting at her computer

Details on Offbeat Media Group

Offbeat is the leading influence and entertainment media brand that leverages cutting edge technology to empower today’s digital creators to become tomorrow’s global superstars. They have worked with brands that live at the intersection of culture, lifestyle, and entertainment to bring them into the cultural zeitgeist and drive real-world action. Offbeat specializes in crafting white-glove experiences for brands who are ready to be seen on social media at
massive scale. 

Are you interested in learning how you can work with Lilith or any of our other virtual creators? Contact us below.

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