Announcing Launch of Zero and the Nexus Universe

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February 2, 2022

Meet Zero, Offbeat's decentralized cyborg living in a bunker in the Nexus universe. What’s next?

Born on February 2, 2022, Zero is the first character to be introduced in the Nexus universe. Created by Offbeat Media Group, and on track to be fully influenced by his growing web3-native community, Zero is eager to discover what life beyond the bunker is all about.

Launched via a 15 second video clip on Zero’s Twitter page, @ZeroFromNexus, Nexus is primed to be a universe of unique, community-centric experiences, with unique surprises to come with every passing week and every community-inspired decision. 

What is Nexus? 

Nexus is a universe, a world being built in tandem and with its community members in mind, shaped by the decisions and desires of those who work to make it a reality. Members of the Nexus universe have a unique vantage point into the lives of the characters within, and, as the universe expands, fans can expect increased access and control.

From his bunker, Zero will be creating content, hoping to more deeply connect with his friends across internet platforms like Discord, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. Zero spends his time exploring his bunker just as much as he explores the internet, just looking to learn from his surroundings and his community all along the way.

Zero’s life will ultimately be influenced by his community through the mechanism of an exclusive, mintlist-driven NFT drop. Holders of the coveted, Nexus-primed digital asset will allow the community to interact with and control key aspects of Nexus. 

Less Than 24 hours After Launch, Zero is Already Viral! 

On his very first day of life, Zero was a hit. His very first video on Twitter promptly drove over 1,000 followers and hundreds of thousands of impressions across his content and discord throughout the day.

Zero launched an exclusive code to access the Nexus Discord community, which was met with a surge of fanfare, driving Offbeat to halt allowing new members shortly after. Upon closing the doors to the Discord, Nexus had over 2k new members on the server. 

Still closed to the public, the server features new ideas, fan art, and theories pouring in from these earliest fans… or, as they are called on Discord, the Nex Prime. 

Transcending Social, Zero Is Featured on Traditional Media  

Zero’s launch day was bolstered by coverage on the front page of AdAge. The trade publication was looking for insights and coverage on the use cases for virtual influencers and digital beings in the world of web3. Who better to get perspective than a decentralized, virtual creator living in the metaverse? 

The Future Is Unfolding… 

“Social media is entering a new evolution, where virtual characters like Zero will be a dominant escapism medium,” says Christopher Travers, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at Offbeat. “As augmented and virtualized experiences become increasingly normalized, such as face filters or animation, and as we spend more time in fully virtual experiences, such as virtual reality or new kinds of video games, a door will open for avatar celebrities to step through.”

“I believe in a decentralized, pseudonymous, avatar-centric future for media. Our work on Nexus is the best step we can take right now to contribute to making that a reality,” says Travers.

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