Announcing the Launch of Offbeat’s Newest Show: World Record Week

September 7, 2021

Breaking a world record each week is no easy task, see if host Peyton Curtis is able to succeed in our newest show!

We are proud to announce the launch of our newest show, set to live on YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat: "World Record Week." The show is quite literally world breaking, tune in weekly for entertaining, and often down-right crazy challenges.

What is World Record Week?

World Record Week's host, Peyton Curtis, has one simple mission: to hold the most World Records in the world (and in doing so, also claim the Record of the person who currently holds that title.) Each week fans can watch Peyton as he takes on something bigger, smaller, faster, slower, or longer than anyone in the world has ever accomplished before. The records are challenging in their own ways, with Peyton being pushed to his limits time and time again.

'World Record Week' will take fans behind the scenes of each World Record attempt, the planning, attempting, and, hopefully, the completion of each record set in front of Peyton. It is true, some Records just can't be beat, or can they?

Success Across Social

The show is produced to thrive on each of the social channels it will be shared on. Our social-first shows team is creating bite-sized 'World Record Week' content for the short-firm video apps while also creating deeper coverage of his adventures, successes, and failures on the show’s YouTube page. Filming the show with the platforms in mind is essential to the success of Offbeat's shows.

Tune in to World Record Week each week to see if he can truly beat them all! 

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